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Hotel Arlecchino has been completely renovated and equipped with every comfort, air-conditioned rooms, lift, TV room, bar etc ... Very close to the sea in the center, in a quiet and shady. It has spacious rooms with intercom, telephone, air conditioning, TV, safe, hairdryer, shower and balcony privato.Cucina traditional. Attentive service. Managed by the owners, family Forastieri.

Riviera Romagnola


The night life here has its places of worship and for those for whom "is never time to go to bed, " you'll be spoiled for choice. As many as one fifth of the night clubs of the peninsula are concentrated on the Adriatic coast.
The trendiest discos collect the appreciation of thousands of young people who continue to choose fun holidays on the Adriatic coast with the certainty of finding the most new, original and trendy is in circulation, both environments and settings, both for music and atmosphere.
The music bar and disco pub on the Adriatic coast and across the Adriatic Coast of Emilia Romagna are just as innovative, stylish and often replace the clubs because they are very versatile and able to transform itself, to give the dinner to drink after dinner, up to become real dance clubs.
The pub, traditional, modern, unusual or theme, are frequented by those who love a drink and a chat with friends or participate in the frequent evenings of live music of all kinds.

Arts and Culture

The Adriatic Coast of Emilia Romagna has historically placed in the center of artistic and cultural events vivid.
Following the guidelines of the Via Emilia and the Adriatic coast you can visit the Emilia Romagna region, not only as a land of leisure and entertainment, but also for a holiday on the Adriatic coast aimed at the discovery of fertile centers both in terms of artistic and cultural.
Romanesque churches and medieval libraries, Byzantine mosaics and impressive plans for Renaissance magnates, archaeological sites and ancient buildings which are home to rich collections of art from every era, are just some of the wonders to visit a few steps from Costa Adriatica dell 'Emilia Romagna, thanks to the excellent links between the main resorts and major centers of cultural interest.

Wine and Gastronomy

This is the Riviera of pleasure, the pleasures to be honest, here's everything you need for a vacation and more. The most famous beaches in Europe, clean and safe sea, the most trendy entertainment, unparalleled hospitality, love and respect for nature, and a great wealth of art, culture, food and wine, another strong piece of history of this land.
Land, for those who want to discover, that tells the story of civilization and traditions of men's, roots, inventiveness and friendly people.
It is a journey to be made slowly, a path through sea, plains, hills and mountains, walking through ancient villages, entering the artisan shops, stopping along the way to taste food and wines in these parts, are much more of a nutrient , Art and science, as Pellegrino Artusi, the famous gastronome, not surprisingly son of this land.
Stops are recommended to be seduced by the art and culinary traditions of the area: restaurants, taverns, inns, wineries, farms, farms, fish markets, cheese factories, mills. Also many festivals and folk festivals changing aromas, colors and flavors to the changing seasons and where the central moment is dedicated to the tasting of typical products, because we know a good table habits never die.

Family tourism

Most of the accommodations of the coastal cities which are on the waterfront and advantageous agreements with the bathing establishments provide reduced prices and special services for customers. The convenience of staying near the beach also applies to those who choose to rent the apartments for the summer, and economic solution for families on holiday, especially for longer stays.
To make rest days more fun and relaxing as possible, the warmth of the hotels and beach resorts have developed new services designed exclusively for families, from first contact to provision of play areas for children on the beach, the service Baby care available in many family-friendly hotel on the Adriatic Riviera.
During the summer evenings the seaside resorts of the Adriatic Coast are living longer than ever and offer proposals for the delicious dinner, with menus to suit even the youngest guests. The streets near the sea in the evening becomes a pedestrian zone for pleasant walks, shops the seafront are open until late, as well as ice cream parlors and game rooms, to accommodate all the young visitors, the Adriatic Coast of Emilia Romagna.

Cervia and surroundings

Events, surroundings, amusement parks and visitor centers

  • 12
  • dicembre 2021

Giochiamo al Museo

12 Dicembre 2021

Tornano a MUSA, museo del sale di Cervia le iniziative dedicate ai bambini.

  • 05
  • maggio 2025

Mercatino delle Vele

05 Maggio 2025

Mercatino Primaverile di prodotti artigianali e collezionismo.

  • 05
  • settembre 2025

Mercatino delle Pulci e dell'Artigianato

05 Settembre 2025

Esposizione e vendita di piccoli oggetti d'antiquariato, collezionismo, artigianato artistico (lavori in pelle, legno, vetro, ecc.) e hobbistica.

  • 09
  • settembre 2025

Mercatino delle Tipicità Romagnole

09 Settembre 2025

Mercatino delle tipicità romagnole

  • 15
  • settembre 2025

Mostra mercato dell'erboristeria

15 Settembre 2025

Mercatino delle Erbe e prodotti naturali biologici

  • 31
  • dicembre 2025

Milano Marittima Liberty

31 Dicembre 2025

Visita guidata al centro di Milano Marittima: dalla città giardino di Palanti ai villini di vacanza.

  • Surroundings

San Marino

With its hilly an montainous territory of the Montefeltro, the Republic of San Marino, is the oldest republic of the world, ica Repubblica del mondo, with picturesque and breathtaking views. The territory of San Marino in fact ...

  • Surroundings

Santarcangelo di Romagna

One of the most attractive cities in Romagna, it is famous for its beauty and for being the birthplace of many intellectuals and artists. Art, culture, history and traditions are right at home; visitors can sense this in its na...

  • Surroundings


Besides its hospitality and the wonderful bird’s eye view you can enjoy from the main square Piazza della Libertà – it is not by chance that it was called “Balcony of Romagna” –, Bertinoro i...

  • Amusement

Italy in Miniature

Italy in Miniature turned the philosophy of learning by having fun (edutainment) into a true mission, by transforming art, environmental education, science and history into fun experiences and educational and inspiring programm...

  • Amusement

Mirabilandia Beach

Mirabilandia Beach is an amazing water park opened in 2003. It offers a carribean atmosphere with many water chutes (you will drop from all the water chutes aboard rubber dinghies), a calm river and a 4000 square meters lagoon....

  • Amusement


The new theme park Oltremare is situated on the Riccione hill next to Aquafan and it is an exciting tribute to our planet and our sea, where entertainment is also an opportunity to experience rich educational contents. The them...

  • Visitor centers
    and parks

Natural Park

The 27-hectare large pinewood area called Cervia Natural Park was opened in 1963 with the aim to safeguard a considerable part of this typical natural environment, making it particularly available and anjoyable to visitors.

  • Visitor centers
    and parks

Visitor Center of Cervia Salt Pan

Visitor Center of Cervia Salt Pan is the starting point for guided tours in the Salt Pan. Inside the Visitor Center, it is possible to discover more about historical and economical issues related to the salt production.

  • Visitor centers
    and parks

Musa - Salt Museum

Located inside the “Torre” salt warehouse, MUSA preserves a portion of Cervia’s history. The museum was founded by the Salt Workers’ Cultural Association “Civiltà Salinara” in the aim ...